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At SJC Projects we offer the full range of construction services to fully meet the needs of our various clients.

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We focus on time management and adherence to budget with each project so that our clients can rely on us and our professional capacity to ensure the completion of their project with excellence and efficiency.

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Engaging with SJC Projects means a successful end result every time.

Design and Build

It has been our experience, over the last 13 years, that a large percentage of projects come in over budget causing much stress, challenge and heartache for the clients who have to see their dream home fade away due to ‘value engineering’ or cost cutting.

This cost-cutting also means that there’s no room for contingency and it leaves a bitter taste for the client.


Our solution at SJC Projects is to work with the client from the very beginning, and assess the needs of the client vs their budget and if these two match up. Then we tackle the complete project.

We boast a full team of professionals from architecture, engineering, quantity surveying, and landscape design to interior design and decorating.

The most important part is in the design stage where the team works closely together to ensure that the budget is adhered to.

The benefit of this full package is that the client is dealing with a cohesive team that works as one, with a single focus, that strives to meet the client’s needs.

It’s a one-stop shop!

The value in economy works well as we have strict processes in place to keep the works controlled and minimise unnecessary time wastage.


  1. The client has one point of contact and does not have to coordinate with different professionals or sub-contractors.
  2. The homeowner is involved in all important decisions but does not have the day-to-day stress of managing a home build.
  3. A design and build contract is preferred by banks as they can see value in a total product rather than just a builder’s quote.
  4. These agreements also save inexperienced owners from making difficult construction decisions, leaving these decisions in the hands of the developer or builder.

We’d love to help you with the design and build! Get in touch with us and we will be able to decide on whether or not we can meet your needs within your given budget within an hour.

More than that we believe in transparency – we keep all costings and pricing fully transparent so that our clients understand the nature of the industry and the applicable rates.

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